Resort Girl Reflects on Life’s Second Chances

December 20, 2017

What if, by chance, you were granted a second chance?

Many times over the course of our lives we think, “If I could only do it over again, how could my life, career, and family have played out differently?” As we get older, and we reflect on this question even more, as by this time, life has tested us many times over.

Our daily pattern looks set in many directions – many ways look good, some look so-so and a few appear to be not so good. It is when we start to focus so much on the not so good that we fail to overlook the valuable aspects of life. Society has become increasingly critical, allowing us unprecedented access to other people’s lifestyles. Life has been photoshopped and chopped into showing only the excellent moments of life, beauty and family. But where the true beauty lies…in my eyes…are in the imperfections of life.

Real…not reality. This comparison hit me while studying the vegetables in the produce department of my local grocery store. Reality can be compared to the orange that has been grown organically, but whose skin has spots of brown and green. Contrast that with the almost unreal bright, unblemished and dyed orange skin that was grown with chemicals. Sitting side by side, the artificially enhanced orange appeals more to the eye; BUT, when you peel them back, it is the natural one that melts in your mouth with its genuine, sweet taste. It is how nature created it. Though it may not look as good on the shelf, it is the one with the greatest flavor.

So, maybe we don’t really need some of those second chances in our lives. Maybe we just need to keep all of these photoshopped moments of the most excellent life in perspective, and recognize that maybe some of the ups and downs that are part of our imperfect days can help us realize how sweet our life truly is.

It’s okay to have a few blemishes in our life. They help us grow. They help us know our core. They help us find our true gifts. They help us discover who our true friends and partners are. So, when you see that perfectly photoshopped moment…rejoice in allowing yourself to be a bit imperfect. It made you who you are and lends to the creation of your true life. How sweet it is, Resort Girls and Guys!



Happy Thanksgiving Resort Girls/Guys!

November 23, 2017

May the Pumpkins turn into Pies
And the Skies remain Sunny!
Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving – Resort Girls and Guys,
And Thank You! for your Continued Support of Resort Girl


Sail Away to the Deep Sea of Tranquility

November 10, 2017

They churn
They sway
In the wake they create
As they make
Their way
To the pier
Then the parking lot
And their designated spot
Nestled in among the other boats and yachts
Some historic
Some enormous
Some sleek
And some just neat
They arrive here to rest
To nest
And let the owners de-stress
But the members of the crew
In the morning dew
They would leave when the first wind blew
The sailboats get the first winds
Little waves they make
And the mighty yachts
Follow in their spots
Breaking with motor speed
As they all weave
To the beautiful deep sea
And the glorious waters of tranquility…

Sail away Resort Guys and Girls



Happy Halloween

October 31, 2016
Resort Girls

Wishing Resort Girls a night on the Beach this Halloween… with maybe a Pumpkin Martini in hand.


Resort Girl makes a Sweet stop in Flowery Branch, GA

February 9, 2016

Want to take your Resort Girl or Guy sweetheart on a sweet afternoon vacay? Roll into the historic district of Flowery Branch, Georgia. The train depot was big business back in the early days, now the city is big in the business of sweet treats. TrainGraffitti

My first stop, (after stopping for the train to go by) was at the Liberty Candy Shop. The sweet aroma was even in the air on the outdoor shopping square.  But once the Liberty’s doors opened, the delicious fragrance of chocolate and hard candy intensified. The store’s decor was retro in design, in keeping with its home – a 1906 building, even down to the shelves of hard candies and black and white tiles. I loved the pink and black store logo and the hand painted entrance floor showcasing the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.CandytableBut most of all, it was the wide variety of hand-made candy that caught my eye and made my mouth water.  There were so many choices; it literally took me 15 minutes to even begin to choose.  But the regular customers who came in and out chose quickly, as they had their favorites down (this Resort Girl listened to their choices – it was the best way to discover the most popular products).

The owner was behind the counter this day and was energetic and friendly.  You could feel her passion for her products by the way she explained the ingredients in each and every candy choice.  I noticed this quote from the Liberty Candy’s Facebook page which does an excellent job in explaining the passion for their sweet treats:

“Busy day in the Candy Kitchen today! A sea of sea salt caramels, Caramallows, Coconut Sins, Chocolate Covered Oreos and Nutter Butters, Caramel & Chocolate Pretzel Rods and Caramel & Chocolate Apples (plain or with salted peanuts or toasted pine nuts). Restocking and making some of your favorites!”

Yes, this Resort Girl did feel like she was swimming in a sea of chocolate. So, after making my selections, I ventured back on to the historic Flowery Branch square.  And to my delight, there sat another sweet shop – Calliope Sweets. Upon entering this quaint shop, I noticed all of the fresh baked goods that are their specialty.  My choice was a key lime pie cupcake which was to die for.  The cake mix was infused with tart lime flavors and, as a Resort Girl who appreciates design, the lime colors and topping swirls made this cupcake not only good to view but eat as well.

So, I was off with lots of sweet treats in hand. Then, I made a quick hop into the local craft beer store to see what what brews they had for sale.  They have a nice selection and even offer growlers.  There are also many other fine shops, and the popular Contemporary Southern “Antebellum” restaurant offering fine dining.

But with my limited afternoon vacation time, I wanted to do a quick historic tour of the Flowery Branch Train depot. TrainDepot

In the old days, the depot was a hub of activity for commerce in Georgia. I stood back and imagined what it must have been like back then when the train pulled in, filled with goodies.  We take that for granted nowadays with a local shop filled with everything we need on almost every corner.  They did move the historic depot across the street from the actual train tracks and it is now used for social events. And then, my sweet afternoon vacay ended with taking a quick look at the cute red train caboose.

Choo-Choo! It was a sweet afternoon for this Resort Girl on the historic square of Flowery Branch, Georgia.




Resort Girl Clubhouse Holiday Cheers

December 18, 2015

Being a social member of a resort club is a great way for Resort Girls to celebrate the holiday season. A clubhouse full of songs, laughter, sparkling decorations and lots of food… that is one way this RG loves to ring in the holiday season.

If you are single, like this Resort Girl, it’s even better. Clubs provide a great setting to meet new friends and join other RGs in an inviting, warm and secure environment. So far this season, I have attended two parties at my new clubhouse with lots of fun and festivities at both. My two BFF RGs have joined me at these holiday celebrations and laughter, lots of eating and good cheer was enjoyed.

In addition, our pro shop had a great 30% end-of-year holiday sale – I got two club logo golf shirts with a gift certificate that was given to me. Tennis and Golf pro shop sales are a good way for members to use up all those club gift points earned by making such things as a hole-in-one on the course or winning the club championships. They are also the perfect opportunity for a fellow club member to find the perfect gift, such as a logo shirt or golf/tennis accessory, to put under the tree.


If you are not a member of a club, Resort Girls can also go to dine at a semi-private club for some clubhouse holiday cheer.


Early in the month, I was staying at the Inn at Harbour Town and dined several times at the beautiful new Links Clubhouse next door. Located on the historic Harbour Town golf course, this clubhouse was decorated in spectacular fashion. This impressive tree was stunning against the swirling marble staircase.


And then there are the sparkling and festive decorations around resort entrances. I am not very good at putting up lights, but there’s no need for me to do the work, as they have wrapped the palm trees at my neighborhood entrance – steps away – with white lights. I can see them from my window and enjoy them just as if they were in my yard.

Resort living and clubhouse happenings are a great way for Resort Girls (and Resort Guys) to enjoy the holiday. The social gatherings are a warm, causal and inviting way to celebrate the season.

This weekend, I will be wrapping up my clubhouse parties with one last breathtaking resort holiday cocktail party. Hmmm..I wonder what I will wear? The party atmosphere lends to the fun, as you don’t have to wear the traditional dress. Nancy from Lilly at Belk’s in Shelter Cove, Hilton Head, S.C. says this palm print dress is the one to wear this year to holiday resort parties.


Cheers! Enjoy your holiday celebrations Resort Girls, and share some of your best pictures by using #ResortGirl on Instagram.