“Get Golf Ready”, Resort Girls

June 10, 2015

Golfing is one of this Resort Girl’s favorite sports. My handicap is roughly a 20 (not too bad), and my best shot is off the tee; straight down the fairway and a bit longer than the average gal… not Michelle Wie’s 250 yards length but good for me – and I’m consistent.

How did I learn the sport of golf? I learned through lessons upon lessons with practice, practice and more practice. Golf is a sport of many swings, steps, stances, set-ups and such.

The Resort Girl’s best advantage in this game is a good golf pro and a good lesson plan. A good golf pro to know is Lance Buntin, lead golf pro for The Golf Club at Indigo Run on Hilton Head, Island, S.C. (a Club Corp course).

Why is Lance a Resort Guy to know? Lance could be called the “Golf Whisperer,” with his ability to sense one’s personal traits and skills. And, when your pro keenly knows your own strengths and weaknesses, he can build a personalized and peak program for you.

Golf Whisperer

Lance a PGA professional and teaches a program trademarked and developed by the PGA called “Get Golf Ready“* at his club on Hilton Head.

This is an excellent introduction and way for Resort Girls to learn the game of golf while enjoying friendship along the way. It includes a great lesson plan, a series of 5 one hour “Get Ready Group” clinics, and even a set of golf clubs  – all at an affordable price.

Many have enrolled in the PGA’s “Get Golf Ready” program. As one enrollee voiced to the PGA site, “We’re both still learning… some shots are good and some not so good. That’s all part of the game. I think what I love most about playing golf is just being with my friends. No phones, no email, just sunshine and green grass. I’m so glad I did this… I wish I would have taken it up years ago.”

And Lance, the Golf Whisperer, has a program for Resort Girls on Hilton Head Island, so if you are a local Resort Girl ready to get your game on, contact Lance at Lance also holds a popular Breast Cancer fundraiser each year for his club members.

*”Get Golf Ready” is a PGA trademark program. To find more information on a program in your area, visit

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