About Resort Girl

Relax Reflect Recharge

Resort Girl…Relax, Reflect and Recharge

Resort Girl enchants the adventurous souls who dreams of far-away places, relaxing but recharging experiences, and words of wisdom to reflect upon. Wanderers who are on an ongoing journey, exploring their physical and mental abilities while enjoying and living gracefully with nature.

I, Samantha, began this blog while transitioning my life from a business entrepreneur to my dream of becoming a photographer, journalist and poet.  As an avid traveler with my former international training career — exploring and wandering the world was a part of the job.  The world opens our eyes to so many beautiful views, souls and cities.  Experiencing different cultures teaches you so much and widens your life lens in not only horizons but personal viewpoints.

I now write/journal and photograph in hopes of encouraging you to explore your physical and mental abilities through beautiful life experiences including sports, traveling and outdoor adventures.

And most of all  to – Life a Live with Peace and Purpose – and Relaxing, Reflecting and Recharging

The Resort Girl Mission: