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Yoga – An Exercise for the Mind, Body and Soul

May 1, 2018

Resort Girls, are you looking for a year-round exercise routine that not only challenges your body – but also your mind and soul? Yoga is an excellent choice. It can be taken up at any age and stage in life and requires as little as 15 minutes a day. It’s an excellent way to kick start your day or it can be a staple to your exercise regime with hourly classes. You may even go further with your practice and take weekend workshops.

My love of yoga began five years ago, when I was going through some major life transitions. The stress was high, and my body needed a way to release that negative energy and wind down. And, since I was approaching middle age, I also wanted a way to build up physical strength and stamina.

To my luck, there was a beginner class offered in my plantation clubhouse and taught by a seasoned yoga instructor. I emphasize “beginner” because, as with any sport or exercise, you need to start slow, learn the basics and then move forward. You need to see how your body reacts and, trust me, yoga will let you know.

That is one of the beauties of yoga. You start to feel your body again. Your mind becomes alert to where you need to stretch more, bend more and build up more. You begin to view the world from many different angles by sitting on the floor, looking upward and downward and walking barefoot more often. It is truly a mind, body and soul experience and it allows your soul to begin to open to new possibilities.

Since then, yoga has become my main form of exercise. My body has built up strength, balance and increased muscle. I have found it is also a great way to add flexibility and stretching for other sports such as golf, tennis and running. Some take yoga just to enhance their performance in other activities or just to age more gracefully by achieving increased balance and muscle tone.

So, how can you begin your personal journey with yoga? Many of the plantations in Bluffton offer yoga as part of their gym exercise schedule. There are two studios, Jiva Yoga and Downward Dog, that offer classes on a per class open enrollment status. If you’d like to reconnect with nature and while practicing, you can hop in your car and rise and shine with classes at Coligny beach.

As a beginner, ask your gym or studio what classes they may suggest. Let your instructor know you are new to the practice. They will be able to guide you in proper poses and alignment and maybe even point out some moves to avoid while starting out. If you have had any operations or injuries, they will offer suggestions to modify positions as part of your training.

And finally, yoga opens your mind up to new possibilities and positive energy. It allows time for peaceful reflection, a few moments of quiet, and a chance to reconnect to your soul. In addition, breathing is an integral part of yoga which can also be used also be used to reduce anxiety.

I hope this article inspires all of you, both men and women, to consider yoga. It has a powerful impact by giving one strength, agility, centering, and mindfulness.

And I thank you for reading the premier article on “Living the Resort Life” in The Breeze Magazine, May 2018 Issue.
For the past few years, I have been sharing my stories about the Resort Girl lifestyle on this travel blog,  and I am now excited to bring a series on “Living the Resort Life” to The Breeze magazine of Bluffton, S.C. as their Lifestyle Editor.  If you have any need for these types of articles for your publication, please use the contact section of this site to inquire.  Thank you again for reading this article and any inquiries.

(Photo of Monica Redman of Jiva Yoga, Hilton Head Island, S.C. by Christine Williams)


Resort Girl Yoga: Meditative Exercise

April 21, 2015

Yoga is more than just an excellent form of exercise. In Anatomy of Fitness Yoga, Goldie Karpel Oren says it best, acknowledging that, “It is also a spiritual and mental practice that can improve your mental outlook.”

Two years ago, I took up yoga as suggested by Dr. William Cohl from my chiropractor’s office, Synergy Release Sports. Three times a week is now my general workout schedule. Yoga provides an amazing difference in my overall body strength and appearance. My muscle lines are far more attractive than the ones I got from lifting weights, and I love my shoulder and torso muscles!

Did you know it’s actually the year of the torso? Yoga is a really great way to exercise those core muscles.

After Dr. Cohl discovered which of my muscles are actually my weakest (which will be detailed in another blog post), Anatomy of Fitness Yoga, caught my eye, as it describes in detail the exact muscles being used in each pose. So, I’ve been using the book to find the poses which are most beneficial for my body, and incorporating those poses into my home workout.

Home Workout Verses Studio Workout
Honestly, I prefer the studio setting for yoga. The studio settings offer social interaction, expert trainers, spiritual guidance and many times scenic pleasures. Beginners especially benefit from trained guidance on proper poses and techniques – you can ache if not properly done. Our resort yoga studio is situated on the banks of the beautiful May River. Many times, we all stop for a moment to observe the dolphins play when they grace us with their rare presence. My mind also likes to soar with the birds as they fly on by – their freedom is breathtaking.

In addition, outdoor and meditative yoga are additional alternative forms of enjoyment. I recommend Anna Patrick’s blog Meditations in Wonderland to supplement your yoga workouts with calming words and techniques.


Yoga is more than just an excellent form of exercise. Share how yoga has benefited your spiritual and physical side.