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Finding the Best State for You and Your Career

April 24, 2015

Find the perfect place to call home and then look for your career.  You say, “What? Find the best state for me, and then my career?”

My previous career was serving 20 years as CEO and co-founder of a corporate training and software firm. As CEO, one of the perks was to be a fly on the wall of the top corporate boardrooms and even lunchrooms throughout the world. And yes, traveling to many exotic resorts to deliver training sessions…establishing my Resort Girl roots!

One experience I had as a fly was to overhear a lunchroom conversation between a top executive and a young recruit. This executive said something like this, “… First find your perfect place or state to live and then look for a career there.” I pondered, why did this man just say that? Well, his response came pretty much after. “See, you live as much as you work, so make sure your second part of your life resides in a place where you enjoy other activities and natural surroundings and such.”

I personally remembered those words when starting my life anew again at 55. If I was starting over, this time I wanted to reside in a place where my nights and weekends were filled with outdoor activities. Fresh air sports and ocean breezes were a large part of my desired second life. Then, I backed into a writing career as resort blogger and resort gear designer. Throw in my vision as my new backyard to be filled with natures’ beauty for writing ideas and inspirations or be just a short car or bike ride away.

Resorting fondly in the Low Country for decades, I packed my car and drove over the South Carolina line – this was to be my new working state. I am a water baby as they say being born in Miami, Florida. And the water was calling to my soul!

So if you are thinking about changing careers, consider your best working state. But do make sure this chosen state and place has career opportunities to match your needs.

A good place to start is visit such sites as Best Places to Live, and then match it against Best Places to Work.

What state is calling your soul? Share with us how you matched your perfect working state with your dream career.