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Savannah: A Fine Day to Drive over the State Line

May 29, 2015

It was a fine day to drive over the state line… to Savannah, Georgia. About a year ago, this Resort Girl went back to graduate school. My desire was to always get some type of graduate degree in creative education (I already have a finance undergrad and masters in business), as I have always felt higher education is a Resort Girl’s best asset. So Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD) was a perfect match for me, and only a 30 minute hop over the state line. My graduate degree study was unique, Business Design Management, which was a start-up degree with a mix of business and the arts. I got to walk the halls of a cool warehouse with all the young designers for over a year. I lived and learned the artist’s life and then it was my time to leave… a time well spent.

Today, as I drove past my old school warehouse and along the tree-lined city streets, it brought back some cool memories. When I was a grad student, I had been too busy to take the time to explore the city. Savannah is a town of many faces…possessing a cool, creative and a bit eccentric small town vibe. It is a town of many stories (some quite famous) and also some well-known cooks.

So, today I played tourist and started off at a famous lunch stop, just for the experience. Then, this RG set foot on the tour of the city. One thing I totally recommend is scouting out the public parking decks… it took me 20 minutes to find one, as all the meter parking fills up fast. Google “public parking” – as I wound up on the 6th floor of one with only stairs!

I began my RG Savannah adventure and wandered the tree and brick-lined streets while enjoying the sun and cool river breeze. My eyes took in the beauty of the parks and historic building and districts reading the engraved bronze plaques along the way.

Arriving at the Savannah City Market, the intoxicating smells of the Savannah Candy Kitchen caught my attention. It was an amazing experience for my nose and eyes inside this delicious store.


Then, I stopped by a really cool and funky art gallery called A.T.Hun. A metallic print got my curiosity and then my money, as I am an avid art collector. To my luck, the artist/owner Chuck Hamilton was at the shop. He was fascinating while telling the story behind this collection and graciously signed the back of my print. It will be a great keepsake of my RG day in Savannah!

It was time to head back to my parking deck, as I knew I had those six flight of steps waiting for me! But along the way, the Rivers & Glen Trading Company caught my eye.


Once inside, there was a vast Orvis collection, but also some brands I had not seen before – including some of their private labels. My choice was a bright blue bamboo long sleeve T-shirt, as I needed one (I had been getting too much sun on my arms lately). The brand was Free Fly, a start-up located in Charleston.


After checking out, it was time to check out of the city and head back over the state line. This Resort Girl enjoyed her few magical hours in historic Savannah. There are so many options, it’s quite easy to stay an entire day and maybe even into the evening.