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Writing Spot at the Golf Grille

February 27, 2015
Writing Spot

It takes a lot to create post ideas: daily activities, life experiences, personal surroundings, much caffeine, good food, a frothy beer and thoughtful reflections.

Each week, I generally go to my club’s golf grille and sit down on my same, favorite bar stool. The food is fantastic, the fireplace warms me in the winter, but most of all the smiles from those who work there inspire my posts. Sheba, Jordan, Julia, Kelly, and Robert all let me sound off my thoughts and add their own life experiences to them.

My blogs are based on my life reflections, however, that is just the starting point. I always try to bring in quality research and others’ life experiences, and I hope you will bring in your thoughtful reflections by commenting.

Let’s experience life together as Resort Girls. Where is your favorite writing spot?