A Resort Girl’s Upside Down Moves

July 8, 2015

Resort Girls view the world differently… and many times it is from an upside down view. This Resort Girl noticed it during my yoga. As athletes, we are involved in many activities and sports that push our minds and bodies into new positions and places. It keeps our shape fit and helps our mind find a new perspective – with extra blood flow to keep sharp. One of the best things about yoga is that we have so many breathtaking places to practice these moves like the beach, a flower-filled field, a green pasture or a mountain valley.


According to studies, doing inverted exercises and positions push blood to our heads and lungs. The increased blood flow boosts our moods, increases our balance, reduces stress hormones, and can even reduce anxiety.

I cannot do a true handstand because of my shoulders, and you too need to always ask your trainer or doctor before doing any advanced moves. But I can do the modified legs in the air pose (or lean them against a mirror for longer periods of time.) As I watched my toes the other day, it occurred to me how many other ways could you view the world upside down. It also brought back some childhood memories of things I still cannot do but enjoyed while growing up as a teen Resort Girl (and a bit of a tomgirl), things like cartwheels, high dives, gymnastics and cheerleading moves.


I can still do some upside down moves in many ways that give me a unique perspective on my day. So remember to incorporate some upside down moves into your Resort Girl routine, and perhaps unexpected new perspectives will find you!

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