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Mystical Creatures Live Within Our Secret Gardens, Resort Girls

July 17, 2016

A Gibbs Garden manor home serves as a spectacular setting for an eclectic collection of garden creatures.  Many mystical beasts live amongst the manor pathways, hillsides and ponds. Winged beings not only fly in the air, but sit silently on the field stone walls, watching over the manor home. 

Bunnies populate the patches, hoping to nibble on the lush underbrush leaves.   DSC_0092

Beware though, as danger lurks in the form of bears and cougars roaming the hillside. DSC_0105

Don’t worry, however, as you are safe at Gibbs Gardens. All of these creatures are crafted from stone, cement and bronze. Garden art sculptures like these have always been a favorite of mine.  It’s fun to have a little bunny or frog friend accompany me while plowing and planting the day away or a loving couple sitting in a rose garden to add a bit of romance.

And cement and bronze art only gets better with time as moss adds hues of green, dirt deepens shadows and sunlight brightens the features of these mystical creatures. 

And to this day when driving by my old homes, I find those little creatures and couples still are sitting there where they were placed decades ago.  Their charms enchanted the new owners, who usually asked for them to stay.  

As my car idles, my heart swells with fond memories while looking at those little statues.  Even though the new owners may have modified the garden and pathways, my secret gardens are cemented in time – and in my mind. 

We may go on our way from our secret gardens, but these statues stay behind to remind us of special times.  They cement our memories.  We may grow older, relationships may change, but our dreams and memories never fade away.

It’s nice to cement a little piece of our dreams in our gardens.  And if life takes you away from those special places but return one fine day…I bet if you asked those garden fairies, they will whisper sweet reminders of special times with those you loved and cherished.fairy