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The Lighthouses in Life that Help You Shine Bright, Resort Girls

December 13, 2016

As the lighthouse beamed

In the evening sky

My mind was mesmerized by

The rhythm of the light streams

Dancing through the air

As I relaxed in my lattice chair

High above the tropical trees

On my little seaside hotel balcony

I knew the power of this intense light

As for so many years

The bold beam calmed the fears

Of those tired sailors traveling near

These seasoned sailors could count on the light

They knew safety and warmth was in sight

But… suddenly the beam seemed to miss a beat

Or did the evening heat

Cloud my tired mind?

So I frantically searched to find

That beaming light

I imagined what it might

Be like

For the sailors on a stormy night

If the light suddenly turned dark

Is that not like

What happens in our life?

When a light that shined so steadily

Whose support was always readily

Suddenly shined no more

Could one, like the sailors, navigate to safe shores?

Would one have an inner strength and light

So, bold and bright

That they might

Be able find their way

In the darkness and perils of those stormy days?

Treasure those lighthouses in your life

They will bring light

To your life

And help you to navigate

And bring faith

To those times

When your light may not shine

So bright

And guide you to safe shores…

Shine Bright Resort Girls and Guys!

Resort Girl