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Resort Girl Reflects on Life’s Second Chances

August 26, 2021

Many times over the course of our lives we think, “If I could only do it over again, how could my life, career, and family have played out differently?” In these long Covid days/nights, we might find ourselves reflecting on this question-

What if Life gave us Second Chances?

(Pre-Covid) Our daily pattern looked set in many directions – many ways looked good, some looked so-so and a few appear to be not so good. It is when we start to focus so much on the not so good that we fail to overlook the valuable aspects of life. Society has become increasingly critical, allowing us unprecedented access to other people’s lifestyles. Before Covid, many lives had been photoshopped and chopped into showing only the excellent moments of life, beauty and family.

But where the true beauty lies…in my eyes…are in the imperfections of life.

Unreal…not reality. This comparison hit me a few years back while studying the fruit in the produce department of my local grocery store. Reality can be compared to the orange that has been grown organically, but whose skin has spots of brown and green. Contrast that with the almost unreal bright, unblemished and possibly dyed orange skin that was grown with more commercial methods. Sitting side by side, the artificially enhanced orange appeals more to the eye; BUT, when you peel them back, it is the natural one that melts in your mouth with its genuine, sweet taste. It is how nature created it. Though it may not look as good on the shelf, it is the one with the greatest flavor.

So, maybe we don’t really need some of those second chances in our lives. Maybe we just need to keep all of these photoshopped moments of the most excellent life in our memories but also in perspective – and recognize that maybe some of the ups and downs that are part of our imperfect days of now and then can help us realize how sweet our life truly is.  There are still sunrises and sunsets, flowers to smell, mountains to climb, friends to call – and loving hands to hold or dream of one day soon.

It’s okay to have a few blemishes in our life. They help us grow. They help us know our core. They help us find our true gifts. They help us discover who our true friends and partners are. So, when you see that perfectly photoshopped moment…rejoice in allowing yourself to be a bit imperfect. It made you who you are and lends to the creation of your true life.

How sweet life is…

Photo Credits: Samantha Williams