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A Resort Girl Tale of Oxtail Stew

February 3, 2016

The low country did not get the big snow, but the temperatures did dip low.  And to keep warm, this Resort Girl craved some southern comfort food.  Are you a Resort Girl or Guy craving authentic southern comfort food to melt away cold winter days, too? Maybe a pot of oxtail stew will do for you.

Why oxtail? Well, here begins the trail of this tale of oxtail stew:

Recently, I was reading an excellent article in “the Bluff”– the magazine for Palmetto Bluff Plantation mentioning a local small grocery/meat market. Since this Resort Girl recently discovered she likes to cook southern gourmet, I put this spot, Scotts Market, as a stop on my afternoon vacay in Bluffton, S.C. to check out the goods.  As the Bluff article mentioned, Scotts Market has been referred to as “a State of Mind” and is known for carrying the finest cuts of organic and grass-fed beef as well as a wide selection of fresh produce.

Many times, my car cruised by the quaint shopping center in downtown Bluffton and I noticed their signature sign. It has always caught my eye with its authentic design– like a blast from the past. And according to the article, the sign design is from the original 1970s-era store.


Photo Credit: Facebook

Upon entering the market that afternoon, I felt like it was a throwback to the old days of warm country grocery stores. Your name was known, your tastes were noted and service was delivered with a wide smile.

As I peeked into the variety-filled meat cooler, I spotted the store’s third generation owner, Adam Simoneaux, behind the counter. Adam was artfully trimming some meat. A customer came up beside me and asked Adam just what he recommended on this cold winter day.

“A pot of Oxtail Stew,” he quickly answered.

I looked back in the cooler and there sat the plump package of oxtails, which I had never seen before in my life. My mind went on to imagine just what that hot pot of oxtail stew might taste like on this winter night.

I did pass on buying the oxtail that afternoon as this kind of stew is new to me. But, I have been researching ways to fix up some oxtails. First, the meat is generally a cow tail that is cut up into pieces. I can image how Adam’s expertise comes into play when chopping them up. And there is much you can do besides cooking up stew, but a hot pot is what makes my mouth water the most.

So how will this tale end? With my new oxtail knowledge in hand, this Resort Girl plans to go back to Scotts and buy a package of those oxtails…and make me up a pot of stew!

So, what is one of your favorite stews, Resort Girls and Guys, to cook up on these cold winter nights?