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The Cobwebs and Weeds of Life, Resort Girls

July 28, 2016

While wandering amongst the lush summer trees today, my mind went back to the beauty of the sparse winter treesWinterTreeSymetric The tree leaves are now lush vivid green, but vines and poisonous weeds choke the core, limbs, and roots. And I pondered, maybe the cold months give the trees time to clear the vines, weeds and cobwebs from their core? Treevine

How many times does this not happen to us, Resort Girls and Guys?  Like the trees, we may appear vibrant on the outside but our core is filling up with weeds of unhealthy habits and relationships.  These things can do harm and even destroy our core being.

This is when it is a good time to be a Resort Girl or Guy.  Go away for a few days – or even just a weekend – and look at your core.  As if you were that winter tree, get down to your bare roots and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to build up my core muscles to live a healthier life?
  • Does my soul need a bit of renewal to live a more purposeful life?
  • Do I need to feed my body with better nutrients to ward off those pesky weeds of ill-health?
  • Do I need to weed myself from a few relationships that are stifling my success and well-being?

I am glad this morning on my walk that those vines, weeds and even cobwebs were in my view.  Soon, I will take a day on the beach and bring a notepad with these questions written upon it and do a bit of reflecting upon them…and then, of course, do some relaxing and recharging!  

Resort Girls and Guys…together let’s kick out the cobwebs and pluck the weeds from our lives!  Get ready to live a healthy, loving, purpose-filled and successful life!