The Chimes of a Resort Girl Life

May 25, 2016

As the vibrant sun rose over the beautiful Lake Oconee, the chimes rang in the wind. It was a glorious setting to reflect upon how much I have grown over the last few years. Years earlier, this place used to be my second home.  Many days were spent boating on the lake, swinging on the course, and dining by the fireplaces.  Lake Oconee and Reynolds Plantation offer a great refuge from the busy and bustling city life of nearby Atlanta, Georgia. 

Roughly a two-hour drive away, it was a great escape from the sometimes frantic days of being an entrepreneur building my software firm.  When we are building our careers and families, we tend to get very focused on the next big deal, next big promotion, next carpool and just getting by in our busy young lives.  Sadly, sometimes we forget to just relax, reflect and recharge.  The lake provided a place of relaxation for me back then and this still rings true.

But now there is an added peace in my life — a tranquility that goes with me wherever I am.  A glorious setting is no longer needed as the glory is now within me.  That is priceless.  No promotion, college acceptance letter, sports win or paycheck can bring peace.  Peace comes from within and can, many times, have the greatest returns.

But what gives us peace and when it does depends on whether or not our minds are open to reflection. To take a moment to squarely look yourself in the mirror and ask, “Is this a purposeful life?”.

There was a great movie made long ago called “The Shift” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  In it, he said, “You are only a thought away from changing your life.” Some people shift earlier than others and some may never shift over to purpose.  But from personal experience, the day I chose to seek purpose gloriously changed my life in so many ways.  And I never want to go back.

So, as I sat there watching the sun rise and the chimes ringing in the background, peace was all around. It was a peace that had not been there many years before. Sure, back then I enjoyed boating, golfing and such, but seeing the glory in the surroundings was not there as it was this fine morning.

While walking back up the path, I realized what a blessing it was that my life path had changed. It is a great gift to now be able to chime in on the purpose of life and reflect on all the glory and might. Peace within is one of the greatest gifts of life.


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