Finding Your Resort Girl Zen in a Relaxing Bath

May 6, 2015

In this ever increasing world of spin, spin, spin, the dial on your personal timepiece tends to slow in the evening hours. The city, you, hubby, boyfriend, kids and life begins to unwind. It’s time to find your personal Zen.

As part of my early morning ritual, I read my emails like most, and this morning I discovered a great article on the most popular relaxing bathrooms.

As a side note, one of my many hobbies in my previous life was to flip houses. It was so cool to see a house with a great foundation just needing an updated look. It sat there wanting to be loved again and saying, “Please give me a facelift!”

What was the main selling point in the houses I flipped? The zen style bathrooms I designed.

Clean lines, soaking tubs, dual shower heads, serene colors, wood elements, soft towels, inspiring art and organizational accessory elements… it all came back to me as I read this article.

So, I took a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond today for some blog inspiration. If you need a quick fix to your bath… stop by this popular chain. They offer the seeds for some great ideas, and I find it relaxing just to explore.

Here are then a few of my RG Relax and Recharge ideas to add a bit of Zen to your Bath:

  1. Clean lines with an overall white accent for a pure and bright eyesight
  2. Wood elements to bring in nature like teak mats, vanity stools, even scale
  3. Soft elements, including fluffy towels, deep cushion bath mats and bowls of soft cotton
  4. Air elements from milled soaps, savory bath salts and organic cleaning products
  5. Sleek organization elements for shampoo and other items
  6. Candles, essential oils and soaking salts to deepen your bath experience
  7. Inspiring photos or pictures that soothe and withstand the moist elements

Say Ahhhh to the evening and even mornings in your relaxing Resort Girl Bath. There is so much to do in a RG’s (or any busy girl’s) day. What a way to begin and end your day with your own Zen bath…

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