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April 1, 2015
Palmetto Bluff

An Extended Stay in an Enchanted Cottage

For six months, I lived the writer’s life in an enchanted cottage at Palmetto Bluff, SC. A few years earlier, I purchased a lot within the plantation, as I fell in love with the beauty of the land. The Bluff is located along the May River in an amazing maritime forest. Although my little forest cottage was small, it was electronically wired for today’s busy executive. My main form of transportation was either by foot, bike or golf cart. Oh, and it had a super big screen TV and stereo, as it was owned by a male entrepreneur. I’m making a mental note for a future story to write — the best rental pads are successful bachelor pads! Try them gals, they have the coolest electronics and outdoor toys  – but many times the kitchens are limited.

Every morning and evening, I cranked up my little toaster oven to heat up my meals. There was a microwave and a tiny stove, but I purchased my own deluxe toaster oven— which I found much easier to use. Eating became a creative endeavor as the pull-out tiny fridge was a big as a closet drawer. My beer took up half of it, and the rest was packed cold essentials like almond milk, butter and semi-sized containers of yogurt. Grocery shopping reminded of the markets in Asia, where the women shopped every few days (like myself) as their cold storage place was limited and gathered only the freshest of foods.

Palmetto Bluff

As isolating as my environment was, the daily joys of nature were amazing. It enabled deep personal reflection, which most writers desire. The atmosphere rang of bird’s songs, the whispers of winds, the pounding of rain on tin, and the sound of footprints in the sand. There was also much comfort in the safety of nature and the Bluff. The freedom to walk alone with only looking over your shoulder to identify the sound of what animal was rustling in the leaves— the area is home to wild boar and cougars.

Palmetto Bluff

But six months was enough, when my lease was up and my toaster oven set fire. This Resort Girl was ready for her next step in life and maybe a full size fridge. But those deep reflections and time alone with nature will always reside within my soul. Share your stories of enchanted cottage living…

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