Who Are Your Resort Girl Partners?

November 6, 2015

From sports and travel mates to coaches and resort and hotel associates – your RG team partners make your life beautiful, Resort Girl.

There are many famous sporting partners. The first that come to mind are famous golfers and their caddies. Then, many doubles who are victorious on the courts, grass or clay. These sports professionals’ skills complement each other and their minds work in balance and conjunction. As the saying goes, two minds are better than one. And now, when you add technology, there are those emerging winning equipment partnerships too.

As I was researching famous sports partnerships, I noticed that about 75% of them were among males. It made me wonder, “Is it the same in sports as business, that women are lagging in legendary sporting partnerships? If so, why?” It could be that the women’s sports field is still an emerging industry. Women now have more time to enjoy the sporting life with advances in technology at home, flexible work schedules and more time to enjoy retirement.

But still, as Resort Girls, we are pioneers – forging our way into new territories while building our RG lifestyle. We are forming our RG partnerships with other women, coaches, clubs and resorts.


Resort Guys have it down from years of locker room talk and sporting celebrations and outings which began when they were in high school! But as women, we are, in many ways, entrepreneurs forming our own ways of enjoying the sporting and resort life.

Below are some beautiful ideas to get you started:

  • Relax with a Resort Girl on a remote island or beach hideaway just to get away from the modern day noise.
  • Reflect during a mountain yoga retreat on your next “what” in life.
  • Recharge with your tennis and golf partners by forming seasonal outings around the country – and perhaps the world – to experience the best course and court conditions.


Each of these adventures may require a set of partners, ranging from your favorite hotel and resort hangouts to skilled coaches. And, of course, you always need your RG BFs, who enhance your life and are compatible sports and travel mates.

These are the Resort Girls who help you relax, reflect and recharge. They do not drain your batteries but recharge you. They compete on, but not off, the courts. And they always are your best cheerleaders and, sometimes, coaches.

Seek out your Resort Girl partners to form legendary and supportive relationships. Think of the “Who” in your Perfect Life Plan and share this post with them. You can also share travel pictures to show how you are relaxing, reflecting and recharging with the hashtag #ResortGirl.

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