Resort Girl Yoga: Meditative Exercise

April 21, 2015

Yoga is more than just an excellent form of exercise. In Anatomy of Fitness Yoga, Goldie Karpel Oren says it best, acknowledging that, “It is also a spiritual and mental practice that can improve your mental outlook.”

Two years ago, I took up yoga as suggested by Dr. William Cohl from my chiropractor’s office, Synergy Release Sports. Three times a week is now my general workout schedule. Yoga provides an amazing difference in my overall body strength and appearance. My muscle lines are far more attractive than the ones I got from lifting weights, and I love my shoulder and torso muscles!

Did you know it’s actually the year of the torso? Yoga is a really great way to exercise those core muscles.

After Dr. Cohl discovered which of my muscles are actually my weakest (which will be detailed in another blog post), Anatomy of Fitness Yoga, caught my eye, as it describes in detail the exact muscles being used in each pose. So, I’ve been using the book to find the poses which are most beneficial for my body, and incorporating those poses into my home workout.

Home Workout Verses Studio Workout
Honestly, I prefer the studio setting for yoga. The studio settings offer social interaction, expert trainers, spiritual guidance and many times scenic pleasures. Beginners especially benefit from trained guidance on proper poses and techniques – you can ache if not properly done. Our resort yoga studio is situated on the banks of the beautiful May River. Many times, we all stop for a moment to observe the dolphins play when they grace us with their rare presence. My mind also likes to soar with the birds as they fly on by – their freedom is breathtaking.

In addition, outdoor and meditative yoga are additional alternative forms of enjoyment. I recommend Anna Patrick’s blog Meditations in Wonderland to supplement your yoga workouts with calming words and techniques.


Yoga is more than just an excellent form of exercise. Share how yoga has benefited your spiritual and physical side.

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