Resort Girls Lounge in a Luxe Locker Room

September 11, 2015

Can lounging in a locker room be considered a luxe experience? Oh, yes it can! Come to the Harbour Town Clubhouse at the Sea Pines Resort in South Carolina, and take a luxe lounge in the ladies’ locker room before and after your round of golf! This RG often uses locker rooms as my temporary office – they are a great place to relax, reflect and write!


The Harbour Town Clubhouse re-opened in January of 2015, and the golf course is very close to re-opening after I what heard was an extensive renovation. The new clubhouse is now open for dining, and that is what this Resort Girl has done the last two nights – as I’ve been staying at the Inn at Harbour Town.

The clubhouse is only a few steps away from the Inn, and it has been a pleasure to dine on mouth-watering, world-class cuisine while (as the club says) “overlooking one of America’s greatest golf courses.” This RG wanted to watch sports while writing, so I sat at the bar and got to enjoy the games as well.


Another luxe experience was lounging in the ladies’ locker room – and this one is fabulous! As a diner, you have access to the locker room – it is the ladies’ powder room as well. The bathroom is amazing with marble running throughout, roomy showers and gilded mirrors. The furnishings are first class, the towels abundant and there are even cookies and sweets for your tasting, as well as comfy couches to rest on before or after play – or simply to sit and write.

So, this RG wondered… if the women’s lounge is this first class… what does the men’s locker room look like?

The answer? Just as spectacular and two stories high! This never-too-shy Resort Girl asked to tour it, and the staff graciously gave me permission to take a quick look as it was closing down for the evening. I just had to holler “Resort Girl on the floor” to make sure all the Resort Guys had gone.

I began my journey up the stairwell, viewing the colorful paintings of past winners of the historic RBG Heritage Golf Tournament, South Carolina’s only PGA Tournament. Viewing these famous golfers gave this RG a feeling of the magnitude of this historic and classic event.


And then, I entered the main floor and found myself floored at how handsomely appointed and grand it was.


The sinks were very similar to the women’s but featured darkened wood, with marble running throughout. Yes, that was a pretty impressive men’s bathroom! I will leave it to your imagination, but it is the first men’s locker room this RG would for sure use if in a pinch!

The lounging area was equal in its community appeal with big screen TVs and comfy seating, both inside and out. There is a cool, plaid glass item you Resort Guys must see – but this RG is being careful to not disclose too much, as it is private to those few who get a chance to play on one of the greatest courses. This is certainly a luxe locker room for the gathering of golfers who just had a historic round on one of the greatest golf courses – whether tournament players or just the everyday golfer who is lucky to have experienced these 18 holes!

This Resort Girl took in the spirit of these handsomely appointed rooms, and then snuck down the stairwell hollering “Resort Girl on the floor” all the way down! Then back to the Inn I went.

Resort Girls, take a picture yourself lounging in a beautiful locker room – and share with us your luxe experience! Here’s this RG’s pic:


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