Song Bird Melody

February 23, 2015

Ever wonder what the beautiful song birds are saying? As many mornings as possible, I try to keep a window open to hear the morning melody of the song birds. Wilderness and safety points are needed by many of these species, and this is something that plantations provide. The three major necessities for nesting birds are food, water and cover in a naturalized setting.

Unfortunately, we are losing many species of birds due to increased housing and commercial development. But, this can be reversed by providing a safe haven for birds in your backyard. Guidelines can be found on many websites as well as pet shops, but one major factor is to keep feeders, baths and houses clean and away from the home by several feet. Why? Your cat! Gulp! There goes the song bird if predators can reach them as they try to eat, bath or nest.

If you can provide them safe haven, then you benefit. I love to hear their melody in the morning, it is far better than the sounds of car engines or noisy alarms. How lovely it is to hear the birds call you to wake up and smell the coffee.

But sometimes while sipping my coffee, I do wonder what is going on in their heads. What is in their melody?

Some sites say male birds sing to defend their territory and to attract female birds. Females do it to ward off attackers – go girl birds! Young birds sing to say they are hungry.  Or maybe their song is just their way of getting their daily list prepared: gather a few worms, get some fresh air and make sure the young ones are safe and protected.

It’s fun to think of what they are tweeting! Tweet your ideas to me at @ResortGirlCom on how song birds play a part of your Resort Girl day.

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