Artist/Surfer Toby Hayes Brings His Free Spirit to the Canvas

November 20, 2015

Toby Hayes brings his passion for surfing and travel into his artwork – whether painting a canvas, a surfboard, or even designing a shower. His artistic and craftsman skills show how one can bring the resort life into every day life through artwork and even home construction.

Toby was a professional surfer, traveling the world and living in Hawaii at one point, but he has had the love of art from childhood (he began painting at the age of 14.) His son, Logan Hayes, now competes, keeping the RG lifestyle in the family.

“The value of memories and knowledge gathered by experiencing wonderful things especially through travel are like putting money in the bank of the soul” – Toby Hayes

Toby and I go back to high school, as we both hung out in Winter Park, Florida – my childhood hometown. Winter Park is a little gem of a town near Orlando with brick lined streets, shaded by mature trees and surrounded by gleaming lakes. I plan to do a Resort Girl road trip back home soon. It is a great place for all Resort Girls and Guys to visit.

Toby had his art studio in Winter Park for many years, and has now relocated, expanding his offerings into such things as Balinese furnishings from his new studio in Vero Beach, Florida. Like all RG & Gs, Toby likes to live free… and that means relocating when your life calls you to another special place.


Toby’s favorite aspects of art are water and lighting, capturing them in all their vibrant hues. Toby also likes to draw the world under the sea, which appeals to the mermaid in me. His main passion is the ocean, using it as the backdrop of many paintings, but one of my favorites are his flowers, as captured in this dynamic piece.


Toby even likes to catch the hues of the beach in abstract form, as well as the colors of the waves reflecting against a sunrise or sunset.


Living the resort life seems to fit Toby Hayes and he captures it, down to every detail in his beautiful paintings – even, at times, using a hair to capture the smallest of swirls and waves.

You can see more of Toby’s work, both art and craftsmanship, by visiting his site and follow him as he chases the waves and walks the breathtaking beaches around the world – living the Resort Guy life!


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