Draw Your Life Goals on the Back of a Napkin, Resort Girls

October 23, 2015

Resort Girls, have some fun drawing some of your life goals on back of a napkin.

I use the backs of napkins as a way to jot down inspirations from a vacay or entertainment spot. It’s a great way to have both the place – the “where” – with my “why” written down.

Think of it as your resort life napkin files. You can even get a nice travel log and keep them in the back of it with extra notes logged in. There is an entire book written by Dan Roam on using the back-of-a-napkin concept. It was required reading in one of SCAD’s graduate visual communication classes.

Visions are as necessary as written down plans. Sometimes they may be even more important, since if you can see it, you can reach it, which in turn will help you explain it better to others. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I like this particular slide from Dan Roam’s The Back of the Napkin Workshop, found on SlideShare.

Photo Credit: Dan Roam

Photo Credit: Dan Roam

When building your 6Ps of a perfect Resort girl life, visual thinking is a good thing to do. As Mr. Roam states, “Look, See, Imagine and Show” your ideas.

Resort Girl, you are constructing a “life plan” and most likely it will entail taking many trips, engaging in much research, having lots of fun and just experiencing some trial and error. So, start collecting your napkins, files, or life travel log and start drawing your own Resort Girl stick figure on the back of them answering a “P” or 2 of your life plan, depending on the “where” and “what” you see. Use doodles to envision how you see yourself in that place or “P”.

In another SCAD class, I had to learn how to draw stick figures — but my teacher let me be creative and make mine in the form of a flower — a sprout. The sprout represented my sprouting a new life – and always wanting to soak up the sun and grow in mind, body and spirit.

I now draw my sprout on back of napkins. She is having fun relaxing, reflecting and recharging. So, take a moment today and doodle your RG stick figure on your lunch break or on the bus home or while at your favorite vacay or entertainment spot.

Start collecting some visions of your perfect life. It is a fun and creative way to make your Resort Girl Perfect life plan come true.

My little sprouts are my inspiration…my cheerleaders… to building my Perfect Resort Girl life.

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Photo Credit: Dan Roam

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