The When and Winds of a Resort Girl Life

October 21, 2015

Each season of a RG’s life brings different aspects of the 6 Ps of her perfect Resort Girl lifestyle.

As the fall winds are blowing in, this RG ponders the “when” of the rest of my Resort Girl dream life – as this might change the “where.” All seasons are fantastic, enriching and empowering, they just may vary in a few areas.

Today, as I walked amongst the brilliant red fall leaves and crisp cool breezes along the shores of Lake Lanier, it brought back a “when.” Stopping for a brief repose, my mind went back to a favorite time in my life living in the mountains of Big Canoe.

What was special about living there was ” where” – the majestic secluded mountains – and how we had to live. About a decade ago, there were only a handful of places to eat out and a grocery store, which we had to a travel into the city to get to.


But this made life more fun, as we had a lot more personal dinners and gatherings. After all, who had been to the grocery lately? The Black Bear Pub at our clubhouse was also a great place to gather – and we had this very odd Monday party night. Since the club was not too busy, they let us RG&Gs take it over and we all did – with music, a happy hour, dancing and many laughs.


It was an odd way to start off the week, but in a good way. It made me think today of “when” that was right for my life. It was right then! I still return, as have so many dear friends there, and I even did my Resort Girl photo shoot there recently.

But now, being single again, the winds have brought in change in how and “where” to live my dream life. That was then… this is now… the winds of change have blown in.

It is a new season, and I have new reasons to modify my master Resort Girl lifestyle plan. But when Resort Girls figure out their master plan – it is just modifications.

You have the formula down.

It is just a wind blowing in and a change in the “when” – and maybe a “where.”

But you are still arriving there – to your ultimate destiny… your perfect Resort Girl life!

Keep dreaming, modifying and let the winds keep you on course to your path in life, Resort Girl!

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