Is Exercise the Resort Girl’s Fountain of Youth?

May 18, 2015
Resort Girl Exercise

Today, as I was looking through my Facebook feed, I read a loving husband’s tribute to his beautiful (and, yes, very fit) wife’s 50th birthday. This was a friend of a friend’s post, so I didn’t know her personally. The post read something like this, “29 years together, and she is the same beautiful person, lots of waves, lots of love, lots of paddles, lots of trials and triumphs and happy 50th.” It ended with a cute…”Told you when I met you would marry you!”

Accompanying the post were photos of a very fit and toned woman. “50 is the new 30,” the comments read. But what the adoring husband had also included were photos of her from high school all the way through to the present day. In high school, this woman was a track athlete and cheerleader. Then, there were photos of her surfing with her young children along with many other family athletic adventures such as jumping off rocks into the ocean. She lives a very fit life!

So I wondered, “Is exercise really a Resort Girl’s Fountain of Youth?”

Women in professional athletics is fairly a new phenomena. During my elementary school years, Title Nine of 1963, which allowed more women to participate in sports, had only been in effect for under 10 years. I feel that even I benefited from it, as one of my favorite memories is riding my bike for miles to play softball in 5th grade. I was the pitcher, and I loved the feel of that leather glove in my hand – and that stylish grey and red cap. Maybe that’s why I love gloves and hats to this day!

We are now just seeing how an active and athletic woman really ages, so when seeing this ageless woman it made me realize how important exercise is to truly age gracefully.

( Note: it has to be the proper kind. Seek professional advice, like I have, for any and all exercise programs. )

So, find your right exercise fit, and you might just also find the fountain of youth. It has worked for me, as many feel I look 10 years younger than I am, and nothing came from a nip/tuck or such…just from moving my feet each day as a Resort Girl – tennis, yoga, swimming and a long walk, even under the moonlight. is what the doctor ordered.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but an hour of exercise may just be a Resort Girl’s fountain of youth!

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