A Resort Girl’s Mystical Day at Avalon

May 20, 2015

Did you know there was a mystical place in the center of Alpharetta, Georgia, called Avalon? For years, this piece of land was vacant as I passed it daily on my way to work. But rumor had it, a new 86-acre luxe living and shopping development with resort-level hospitality had been built called Avalon. Their website says, “It’s more than just another place to go, it’s a place to be – a hub of local art and activity that delivers the luxury of the modern South.” Sounded like a great Resort Girl half-day vacay to me! So, I decided to make it one of my must-see destinations when back in Georgia.

And what a stop it was! It was a sunny day and I kicked it off with a stop for lunch at Whole Foods. This Whole Foods has a multitude of to-go eating options. The tables and lines were packed with professionals and locals who work and live (in Avalon’s beautiful residential spaces) around this mystical place. I love their pizza and I indulged in a slice. Yum! The ice cream display showcased so many scoops of delicious colored creams that tempted my eyes – and mouth – as I passed by on my way to the check-out counter.

But, my afternoon had just begun, and I needed to be light on my feet. So, I sat and gulped down my pizza while dong some people watching. It was now time to stroll over to what they call the Boulevard. I took the long way to get some RG walking exercise in and noticed several other cafes and dining establishments. I peeked at their menus and noted a favorite one for next time.


Around the bend came what they call Avalon Boulevard. It contains over 500,000 square feet of retail and a 12-screen premium theater. As stated by the development, “This is a place where memories are made, new traditions emerge, families gather and community happens. Take a stroll down the Boulevard, make a wish at the fountain, catch a concert, play some lawn games with family, and drink in the beauty of every season while you experience the ultimate shopping, dining and just enjoying.”

And I did just that. I strolled in and out of shops, and I picked up a great pink bathing suit at Everything But Water. They have such an extensive and beautiful collection of bathing suits, cover-ups and so much more – it’s a Resort Girl’s haven. Needing a quick breath, I decided to take a quick rest at what they call the living room. Boy, that bocce court looked tempting, but this was a solo Resort Girl vacay.

Next time, I will bring a group of Resort Girls, and then it’s “game on.” There are also fun, athletic events ranging from yoga to running, as well as festive holiday happenings.

(Photo Credit: Avalon’s Facebook)

The sun was setting, so it was time to finish my half-day vacay at Avalon. Check out their weekly experiences at!

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