Oils, Oils in My Hair and Everywhere

February 26, 2015
Natural Oils

I am dry by nature and mother nature makes it so much harder during the winter months to stay moisturized. Only during the winter do I really realize just how important oil is to my face, hair, and even my insides. My sister whipped me up a little homemade (and popular on the web) potion of coconut oil scrub (baking soda, coconut oil) in a blender.

She uses equal parts of each and whips up a little jar full to keep by her sink. Now, thanks to sis, I have one by mine. I also keep a jar of plain coconut oil.

My personal preference is always organic. I use Spectrum Organic to remove my eye makeup. Recently, I read that Blake Lively also recommended this process for eye makeup removal. My eyes are super sensitive, and for the first time, I noticed they are not swollen in the morning.

For my hair, I picked up L’Oreal New Total Repair 5 Extraordinary Oils, and I put it on my hair before washing. Since my hair is thin, it is best to leave it in and then wash it out.

Lastly, I never forget my inside skin by adding healthy oils to my meals. These oils add a bit of shine to the dulling effects of winter winds.

Let us know your tips on how to add natural oils to your beauty regime.

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