Resort Girl Bubbles

June 12, 2015

When I visited the Resort Girl dream home, the bubbling bathtub made me think of how much fun bubbles are…

Memories came back of my childhood days – making soap bubbles from either the pre-made bottle or homemade. The visual delight of blowing and seeing those watery, soapy bubbles in so many beautiful forms fly away from me was always amazing and delightful. And as an inquisitive child, I pondered how this beauty occurred.

Bubbles are cool… bubbles are soothing… bubbles are fun! Bubbles are freeing and most of all – relaxing. In a world of videos and technology-created bubble images dancing across our computer screens, the ones created by nature are becoming rarer. Just think, all it takes is a bit of soap and water and some cleansing deep breaths.

Other soothing bubbles come from a cool soaking tub, a bubbling pool or hot tub, an icy soda pop and even a fizzy, fancy cocktail. Okay, I’ll admit it – I have also taken up a rubber duck collection. What a fun way to remember a relaxing hotel bubble experience floating away in your own RG home bubble bath.


Bubbles add cheers to your life and relaxation. And as Resort Girls, we need to Relax! So think Bubbles!

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