Resort Girl Is a Mystical Mermaid for a Day

November 16, 2015

Hasn’t every Resort Girl desired to be mermaid at one time in her life or another?

One of my favorite places as a little girl was sitting on the bottom of our clear, blue-watered pool and having tea with my make-believe underwater friends. It was my personal quiet place – the water was my calm cocoon.

There is something about looking up and seeing the maze of waves with sunlight streaking through as your view. To this day, one of my favorite things to do is be the first person to break the tranquil surface of our community pool, then be a mermaid and dive deep below to the bottom.


Once at the bottom, I relished the sensation of looking up to the sunlight – just as I did as a little girl – a water baby. If you haven’t already, you should try being the first to do this. It’s also nice to have the pool to yourself, so your surroundings are as calm as the waters.

Mermaids, with the allure of their fish tails emerging from human torsos and long flowing locks, have played a role in many mystical and romantic tales. What woman does not want to swim under the sea with all of the glorious sea creations and creatures? Being one with nature brings out the beauty in all things.

All Resort Girls have their own unique beauty… as beauty comes in so many forms. Each Resort Girl has a mystical mermaid that resides inside of her:

Her beauty glides
The creatures of the sea
With ease and grace
In a cherished place
Of peace and tranquility

Let your beauty glide with the tides, Resort Girls. Be a mermaid for a day or two and relax in your place of tranquility among the creatures of the sea.

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