A Resort Girl Roams Among The Crimson Maples

November 13, 2015

The maze of maples in the Gibbs Japanese Maple Festival was amazing! My eyes felt like there were 50 ways to see this beautiful tree formally called the acer palmatum –  all in the backdrop of the glorious Gibbs Gardens.

As a Gibbs season pass member, I took a Resort Girl road trip up there this week for my first fall festival. The gardens were filled with many visitors and plenty of fall foliage. Photographers, including this RG, were having a delightful day, snapping shots of the different varieties of flora and fauna, especially the crimson maples.


The air was crisp and the skies clear, which was a nice break from the many recent rain storms. However, these rains did impact the vibrancy of the colors this fall in the North Georgia Mountains.

This Resort Girl is not an avid gardener, but the visitors that day who were surely enjoyed identifying the different species. Better Homes and Gardens has a great list of Japanese maples for your own Resort Girl garden.

Making your own small Japanese maple garden will give you a great place to relax and reflect each day. I picked up a cool little stone in the garden shop that would be a great addition! It has the word relax on it with the Japanese symbol.

I loved how the ponds at Gibbs Gardens gave you a double shot of the beauty with the reflections of the trees on the placid water.


And how the blue hues of the water compliments the shades of reds.


When there were three, the bright Japanese maples stood out among the other trees.


Gibbs Gardens was a great place for this Resort Girl to roam and ease her soul among the crimson maples.

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