A Resort Girl Soakin’ and Sittin’ in a Saline Pool

July 21, 2015

Ok, by now we all know it is this Resort Girl’s moving week. What a long week to move, in temperatures with a heat index of 107 degrees! How does a Resort Girl cool off at night? Sittin’ and soakin’ in my friends’ beautiful saline infinity pool. Pools have been a part of this Resort Girl’s life starting from way back when I was a young RG. We had a pool in my backyard from my elementary days. My best friend back then, Carol, and I splashed the hot Florida summer days away in each other’s back yards. Our homes were diagonally located, so we, or should I say our mothers, let us pool hop with each other, depending upon their busy schedules.

It was fun back then, relaxing after long days of studying at school and cheerleader practice. And now, since things don’t change much, after long days working and exercising. Little did I know the benefits of pool exercise for your body… and your mind! According to a Mind Body Green article:

“It’s been shown that swimming produces the same “relaxation responses” as yoga, and the stretching and contracting of your muscles can heighten this experience. Not only does swimming increase relaxation chemicals, it is also highly conducive to meditation. Without having to focus on traffic or other gym members, swimming allows you to focus on simply your strokes and breathing, effectively “drowning” out static thoughts.”

The article goes on to say that swimming helps with improved muscle function, flexibility, and increased lung volume.

The best pools for me are the newest technology of saline. Technology is beneficial to all areas of our Resort Girl lives. Saline is more soothing on my skin, actually making it silkier, and we all want good skin – especially at my age.


So, after a long hot day of whatever R’s are doing, there is nothing better than diving into a beautiful pool of water. Well, maybe if you add a great setting, in my case the May River in South Carolina, and a few of your fave Resort Girls or that special Resort Guy. Make a splash RGs, and dive into a saline pool soon!

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