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Resort Girls, Experience the Intimacy of an Inn

October 12, 2015

Inns can provide an intimate environment with a more quiet and personal aura. Their smaller size also affords them some spectacular natural settings.

Resort Girls, think about rocking in the fall at an inn or lodge. There is something warm and cozy about them, especially in the cool fall evenings. From the mountain breezes coming off your intimate, little balcony overlooking majestic landscapes, to a private beach, to a glorious golf course or the red bursts of tree leaves, it all adds up to one thing – paradise. Fall hiking, golf and tennis are just steps away from your room.


Another option for RGs is to rock in fall at a quaint beach inn, wearing luxe soft sweaters and feeling the cool sea breezes against our faces. A community bonfire is just a few sandy steps away – and warm, gooey s’mores!

This Resort Girl loves luxe inns and lodges for these reasons, and these smaller accommodations provide a private setting where the staff gets to know you by name, and when traveling solo, that can be a good thing.

Decades ago, I first experienced the grand views from a lodge at the El Tovar Lodge in the Grand Canyon – considered a crown jewel in historic park lodges.

We were originally placed in a nearby lodge with no views, as the El Tovar was booked, but my eyes wanted to open to a canyon view. So, how did this determined RG get in? Here’s an RG tip: If you stand at an inn’s check-in desk during cancellation time, you have a chance to pick up rooms that become available. I stood there and waited and waited! And for my efforts, this RG finally ended up getting her El Tovar room with a grand view!

One of my favorite inns is The Inn at Harbour Town, Sea Pines in Hilton Head, S.C. It is where I now stay when staying in Hilton Head while awaiting my new home’s closing. My first visit to the Inn goes back three years ago, during my life transition, which was also during the winter months. The inn was decorated in twinkling holiday lights and décor, giving it a festive flair. European touches could be seen in the use of traditional plaids, silks and a paneled library giving the space a cozy air. I loved writing my blogs there.


This Resort Girl enjoys the intimate settings, plus the bonus addition of a tranquil swimming pool. Most of all, the in  is home to the top ranked Harbour Town golf course and a renovated Clubhouse – both offering spectacular views with rooms located on the front tee!


There are so many beautiful inns to visit, many of which this Resort Girl wants to discover this fall and winter.

One stop on my Resort Girl rockin’ fall agenda is to visit the Old Edwards Inn and Spa in Highlands. An inn with a spa – now that is this a Resort Girl’s paradise.

Where do you love to rock in fall, Resort Girls? Share with us your favorite intimate inns… and ask when visiting if any RGs are stayin’ there!

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