Resort Girls Have a Beautiful Vision For Their Lives

October 28, 2015

Resort Girls have a beautiful vision for their lives. Each day they add a bit more to the “where” of making that picture and purpose come true.

The most joy and serenity can be found in the simplest things in life. The smell of a rose, the salty winds on your face, the laughter with family and friends, and most of all – doing what you love and being with the ones you love.

But society has always struggled with emphasis on material things — this Resort Girl included. Trust me, from someone who has been there, done that… all they do is add up to one more storage unit full off things to get rid of.

Have we all not been there in some way? My collecting came as a way of trying to build my vision with more things, than meaning.

Why? I was not living my true life.

Yes, it was a good life in many ways – but it lacked in vision, meaning and purpose. It was not until this RG took the time to walk away from her old life and sit back and reflect, did my life vision start to appear. First, this saying came to me:


And, I now keep this personal quote as my screen saver and do believe it saved me. I knew these words rang true to many other RGs as it received many so many likes on Facebook – you saw it way before me and agreed.

That is why I have decided to concentrate on exploring and building my future and Perfect life plan. Life is short…every hour is like a gift…every day is an opportunity for happiness and joy.


But if you are not “where” you need to be, then it is hard to see these moments of joy. You are fighting a constant battle — your mind, body and soul want to be somewhere else.

I do feel true peace comes to those who know their “where”… their purpose… and have some type of vision and plan to get there.

Many times, in order to figure out that plan, you need only be still. Find a place of rest.


That is when Resort Girls have time to reflect on where they have been, where they are now, and where they are going. This reflection gives them time to recharge their batteries before embarking on the new part of their life plan.

Right now, I am in a still period.

Where are you now Resort Girl?

Look around you. Where in that picture makes you smile? Where is the most beautiful piece of the picture? Try this at different times of the day and different places in your life.

Start asking a few “wheres”… jot them down and to start building your Perfect life plan.

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