A Resort Girl’s Bird’s-Eye Water View

July 6, 2015

When the birds fly by, I wonder… How do they view the world? Well, one way to find out is high atop a treehouse, and this Resort Girl got a bird’s-eye view once again over the holiday weekend. To start off the holiday, our plantation threw one of their famous crab cake socials, but this time it was down by the river with a blues band, stands dripping with ice cold brew, fans blowing cool air through your hair, and crab cakes everywhere.

What I desired most was to climb atop the rustic treehouse to stand amongst the tree tops. Years ago, the only way to get to this treehouse was biking miles through the maritime forest or by boat, but now it’s part of the new residential development area. It was a destination on the waterways less-traveled and one thoroughly enjoyed. This scenic part of the May River is one that only an expert captain can cruise during certain times of the day. The tides give way to shallow waters where many have been stranded for hours. This is also the water way I blogged on in new latitude: “Our captain was Boo, a native of the May River and the low country seas. He decided to take us on a waterway less-traveled as the tides shift, so, suddenly only a master captain can maneuver them.”

Previously, one must have timed it on the waterways or biked it to have climbed this beautiful treehouse. The travel is worth it, with views that always take my breath away… as does climbing up the winding stairs to the tip top. The last few are the toughest with small steps and a thin metal rail which only a twisted body can maneuver.

It is worth the twisted trip, though, as the sighs arrived when you reached the top…


The sun hits your face, the breezes cool your soul and the views please your eyes. Oh my! What a great bird’s-eye view of the May River Marshlands. Not only are the waterways crystal clear, the vibrancy of the maritime foliage makes the colors so vivid. And all you see are blue skies in front of your eyes… for miles and miles.


If we all only knew what a beautiful view, the birds see as they fly by you and me.

Discover a treehouse near you, Resort Girls. Maybe you even have one in your back yard!

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