A Resort Girl’s New Latitude or Two

June 22, 2015

When life closes one avenue, it is time for Resort Girls to explore one or two more. This month, my townie will be closing and so will another chapter in this Resort Girl’s life. Over the past three years, I achieved a goal to live with a palm tree in my front yard. Now, it is the sea calling me… to explore a new latitude or two. Intriguing new paths are the waterways less-traveled.

When I first came back to the low country, I took a private tour of the May River and the low country marshlands, inlets and waterways. Our captain was Boo, a native of the May River and low country seas. He decided to take us on a waterway less-traveled, as the tides shift so suddenly only a master captain can maneuver them.

As we weaved in and out of the tall grasses and oyster beds, my head was in heaven… as my senses were in overdrive. The fresh air whisked through my hair, my nose was filled with salty air, and there was no one there but the birds, dolphins and river creatures.

I was hooked! This private boating experience enchanted me. So when my townie sold, my mind told me to look for a good waterway to discover new latitudes. And I might just have found my new RG paradise and launching pad. When seeing this view from my newly contracted little condo, my eyes filled with delight as boats were abundant and open waterways awaited.


There were boats, boats everywhere and all located on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway – the ICW. In my childhood days, my family had a very similar condo for 18 years on New Smyrna Beach, Florida with the ICW moments away – the St. John’s River. One sailor described the ICW as an intricate chain of rivers and estuaries, linked by man-made canals, and crossed by bridges. It was also as described as a safe, flat watered and protected from strong winds with well-marking for guidance.

This may just be the perfect waterway to start my latitude or two. Share your favorite ICW Resort Girl spots for all of us to get a latitude and attitude! ANCHORS AWAY!


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