Resort Girls Enjoy Aqua Blue Waters and Good BBQ

August 12, 2015

This Resort Girl went with my community’s singles group to grab some lunch at Aqualand Marina on Lake Lanier Islands, which is considered the world’s largest inland marina.

I was a “water baby” who grew up in the Florida Keys and on its sandy beaches. If there is a body of water around, my body wants to live near it. So it’s only natural that this RG chose Lake Lanier Islands for her Georgia home, as it’s the closest large body of water near Atlanta – and near my family too.

Believe it or not, I chose a planned retirement community. I turned the double-5 this year, so I was able to get in – but a little known tip is that these communities will take a small percentage of those under that age. Planned communities are mini-resorts in themselves, providing a great and safe place for us single, widowed, or divorced Resort Girls – oh, and Resort Guys too!

This RG, along with all the other 14 RG gals (and Bob—our single Resort Guy), got a great view of the aqua blue waters at Aqualand Marina.


As it turns out, the marina rents some beautiful pontoon boats for an hourly fee – that is our next RG adventure on these new waters. You know I’m not shy, so I asked Maddi, the very energetic and helpful RG who works at the marina, about renting a boat or two for an outing. She said no experience is necessary and they even have the “i” ability for navigating your boats. Our group decided to definitely get a few and cruise one cool afternoon soon – and Bob volunteered to steer!


Then this RG wandered back from the beautiful aqua waters to my awaiting lunch. Our table of 14 enjoyed pigging out at Pig Tales.

This outdoor spot offers BBQ, burgers, wings and much more in a relaxed, pet-friendly, and open-air environment. My choice was the Gouda and pimento cheese sandwich on Texas toast and salty fries, while the rest of the RG group enjoyed BBQ, salads, and sandwiches.

It was a great sunny day at the lake for us RGs to share the views and good conversations too. We plan to be back cruisin’ in the fall!

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