Seasonal Spice for Resort Girl Interiors

August 10, 2015

As a writer, this Resort Girl works from home many a day and night. Therefore, my interior spaces must be a place where I can reflect and recharge – and inspire my mind. My mind is inspired for the change of the seasons, with the fall season knocking at my little Georgia lake and mountain house door. With all the heat in this RG’s life lately, it was probably the cooling thought of the crisp clear fall winds blowing in (and the beautiful anticipation of images of the glorious red and yellow leaves, and stunning mountain vistas) which inspired me.

I’ve been mulling over some decorating ideas for a warm nestin’ feeling with inspiration for my nature, and my first trip is to see what Rhonda White and her team at R.W. Design & Exchange is bringing to life. It is a place where nature and interior designs collide, connect and reflect.


Rhonda White, co-founder and highly creative mind, helped me decorate my Alpharetta home a few years back. The ex ended up taking all of R.W.’s pieces, so you can tell Resort Guys like it too. Now I am back to find a few key pieces for my new, cozy little Georgia home.

It’s an amazing experience to walk into their stores and reflect on how the designs have been created to bring nature and the seasons inside a home – green over plastic. Nature is found in the artwork of lush landscapes to blooming flowers, wooden lamps, carved furniture, custom tabletops, crisp linens and velvety bedspreads.


Plus, the impressive stone fireplace that greets you as you enter the Forsyth store makes me feel at home enough to wander around freely – and always leave craving some hot chocolate, warm tea or a big bowl of soup.

But there’s more! They’ve added add a remote store in the glorious mountains of Big Canoe. This RG did a R.W. adventure to both stores this week and to my delight, my wonderful previous neighbor Louise (yes, I lived and loved living there for ten years) now works at the Big Canoe store. It was like old times – and in such a warm place. Take a look at this setting:


How could a Resort Girl not want to get out her fur-lined slippers to read a good book and start planning her fall calendar? Don’t get me wrong, however. R.W. designs fill many Florida residences and sunny spaces too. But if fall is nipping at your heels, Resort Girls, go visit a place where nature can come into your home spaces, and where you can dream of fur-lined boots.

This porcelain dog bowl caught my eye. You can even make your furry partners snuggle and sip the fall feeling.


Add a piece of fall to your Resort Girl home!

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