Honest Tea Is Honestly Great for Resort Girls!

August 5, 2015

Organic drinks make Resort Girls’ bodies shine and perform better every time they go the distance in sports or everyday life. This RG is constantly seeking all organic, low sugar and gluten-free drinks for their health benefits. Honest Tea came to me by happenstance one day while I was doing my usual browsing of the labels in the cold beverage section of Whole Foods. I wanted to find something to quench my thirst and add a bit of a kick to one of my hot summer days, but without all the stuff added that makes this RG’s head spin and heart race — as my body does not process glucose too well.

Well, as it turns out, that was the same quest the co-founder Seth of Honest Tea was on one day after a great workout – and he began the adventure of brewing his dream tea.

Today, I’m sitting in the beautiful Avalon Whole Foods dining area, munching away on my lunch and quenching my thirst once again with a unsweetened, just black Honest Tea. Then, luckily enough, as I washed down my last piece of pizza, the young gentleman next to me said, “Hi, here is a discount coupon for your next Honest Tea.”

By now you all know that this RG will start up a conversation easily! So, I immediately said thanks to the young man, then (of course) asked if he was affiliated with the brand. It was just my luck that he was and, just like that, the poor guy was stuck in his seat for about 20 more minutes with me asking all kinds of questions.

What a pleasure it was to talk with Cole Meierstein, who is the southeast sales manager for Honest Tea Brand, and learn of the entrepreneurial spirit within Honest Tea. As we are in a RG dreamin’ new idea week, what a great idea! The founders, Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff, have even taken their adventure into a graphic novel called Mission in a Bottle. This his how they describe their journey:

“We were thirsty. We couldn’t find anything we wanted to drink, so we started a company to make bottled iced tea that actually tasted like tea. Given all the beverages out there, you might think this was a recipe for disaster. You’ve got a professor and his former student, neither of whom had ever done anything like this. If it was such a good idea, why hadn’t someone—someone who actually knew something about the beverage industry—already done it? The truth is, we stumbled quite a bit and ultimately succeeded both because of, and in spite of, our ignorance.”

The Honest Tea has taken it one step further by making the products totally organic, fair trade and even kosher. Like many great companies, they have also expanded their offerings into lemonades, fizzy drinks and more!

Cole mentioned that this week, Honest Tea Lemonade is on special at Whole Foods. I actually took the below photo before leaving for GA in the Hilton Head Whole Foods… it just looked so delicious on my way in to shop after a long, hot day of moving.


This RG honestly thinks the Honest Tea drinks are special due to their healthy ingredients, and because the company focuses to be meaningfully different by positively impacting the communities in which they operate. How wonderful to see a company be the change they wish to see in the world… oh and -gulp! – they do taste pretty wonderful too!

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