Resort Girls, Write Your Name in the Sand

August 28, 2015

Is it time for you to take a break before something breaks in you, Resort Girl? Women tend to put themselves last, but maybe it’s time to put yourself first.

The noise of modern day life can keep many minds so busy that is not until you find the time to break away that you get a clearer picture of your life, your health, your mind and your spirit.

Reflection is a good thing and most times needs to be done in solitude. Using the beauty of nature as a backdrop is always a good place to reflect.


The Resort Girl motto is to Relax, Reflect and Recharge. Those words came to me during the time of my life transition. It was not until this RG took the time to relax and contemplate where my life was and where it might go, that I became recharged and reborn, my spirit renewed.

I understand that with all of the worldly noise, our daily routines, and things we encounter everyday – it is hard to take time to reflect. Resort Girls, take the time to write your name in the sand. Life is short – live now – live strong – live long and take time to put footprints in the sand… don’t let the opportunity wash away. It could be life changing.


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