Rainbows Follow Resort Girls

August 26, 2015

Resort Girls follow their dreams — and thus are followed by rainbows.

To make a dream come true, one must possess many characteristics like courage, confidence, consistency, curiosity and caring. That is who Resort Girls are: spirits who want to make a positive change in this world. Those who believe life is made of rainbows, not dark clouds.

Not that dark clouds are not part of a RG’s life. It is more so that she looks for the rainbow that follows – and they, in turn, follow her. This picture was taken by a new RG friend of Haig Point after a big storm this Saturday. She was a very successful business owner who now spends her time traveling the world and enjoying her retirement. Yes, she is a solo Resort Girl, but that does not hold her back.

Being a RG means having the confidence and smarts to go it alone. This world is an unsafe place, but if you learn the ropes and learn from other RGs, traveling and exploring can be fun and safe. You must be careful, however! There are the confidence tricksters, a term I learned while traveling Asia.

This Resort Girl even learned a few more security tips on this trip. The best tip is if you are going solo, be sure to go to a place that has community – and know that other RGs have gone it alone. Family resorts are one of the best. Singles resorts…well, you know the rest of that statement!

I’ve always stayed at the Marriott on Windward Parkway whenever I’m in Atlanta. It could be considered a corporate and family weekend hotel. They have a great weekend rate, but most of all it is one of only a few American Girl hotels. Now that is a fun young RG concept – taking your doll on a vacation!

The crowd is generally either families or wedding events, a much safer environment for solo Resort Girls who just want to explore a new city.


Being at a deeded timeshare resort was a first for this RG. What appealed to me was that the crowd had been there for years. Many knew each other and the staff knew everyone. It made for a new place to meet other fun RGs, as well as providing a safer environment.

This Resort Girl will miss her morning coffee and breathtaking views from the rooftop deck – thinking about being a part of this community as I made many new RG friends, the staff was excellent, the rooms clean, and the views were amazing. I will always have a mental photo of my RG morning coffee memory – the sweet smell of the salty air mixed with the aroma of roasted coffee beans – that is an RG experience!

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