The Savannah Tanger Outlet Mall Beams for Resort Girls

June 24, 2015

As I was leaving the Savannah Airport, my Resort Girls eyes were in delight. No, not from the beautiful sunny skies but from the sky-high brick arches of the new Savannah Tanger Outlet Mall!

Rumor had it one was opening in Pooler, Georgia – so my afternoon plans had just changed. My car seemingly drove itself to those tall brick arches and down the newly paved avenue to the Pooler Tanger Outlet. What a beautiful site it was! Just like that, an afternoon of delight was in store for me.

This outlet has an outdoor avenues vibe with plenty of places to sit, a soothing fountain and, get this, a big harbor town lighthouse. If you have visited Harbor Town in Sea Pines Plantation, you will recognize this lighthouse, as they fashioned it after the historic, and yes, tourist landmark on Hilton Head Island, S.C. Well, now you can see it here in Pooler, Georgia. It makes for a great photo opp.


And, of course, there were stores galore! Many of the top names and then some locals too were represented. There were too many to name, but many to enjoy.

One that caught my curiosity was The Salt Table, as I had not heard of it before… so I popped in to take a peek.

What a little gem for Georgia-grown products. Store owners Carol and Dave Legasse have won top entrepreneurial awards in the Savannah area. The products that caught my eye were the salt blocks. What an absolutely cool idea! The owners explain on their website how it can be used to cut, cook and display your food items, while also adding a delicate pinch of salt to your dish.

Another unique store was the Coach store. What made it different? Well for one thing, it is one of their first new modern luxe concept stores.


The friendly sales staff briefly explained the luxe concept while also showing me some classic new pieces. Coach – America’s original, authentic house of leather – has pieces that are timeless and it is one of my favorite brands, as it stands the test of time. A Coach product is a quality investment. Today, my choice was the leather cuff – and the sales associate explained so many cool ways to wear it.

The skies started to darken, so it was time for me to head home to beat the summer afternoon thunderstorms. This lighthouse is beaming for Resort Girls, this one included, to come enjoy a delightful day exploring the Savannah Tanger Outlet Mall.


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