The Fury and Beauty of an Afternoon Thunderstorm

July 24, 2015

The fury of a thunderstorm rang true to this Resort Girl on this hot, southern summer afternoon. But I had a safe place to retreat into… the sweet guest suite on the May River. Yes! I am that guest who would never leave! Good thing my RG guy and girl hosts are out of town, blessing the birth of their new grandbaby.

Thunderstorms are scary to many and after some RG research, I learned they can also can make you sick – that is, if you have asthma. The storms churn and turn up those pollen enemies, but it also can make many of us breathe easy as it clears out the pollution.

Unfortunately, many of our city skies are piled high in ozone and other particular pollutants and a quick cleaning tool is a fierce afternoon storm. This RG would breathe easier after an afternoon storm rolled through and the ozone warnings waived.

My RG nose is intoxicated by the fresh aroma a thunderstorm brews, and I can generally tell when one is on its way. I can not only feel the strong winds as I do tonight, but I can also detect the clean, crisp, perfumed air – just like those room fresheners, but giving off a pure, natural scent.


What I also observed, while sitting in my protected little suite, was how the storm also cleared out old debris. No landscapers were needed as the pine needles blew on my face and the old palm prams made impressive sounds as they hit the ground all around. Wikipedia states that lightning strikes liberate nitrates, which fertilize the soil.

How blessed I have been to witness, in a protected place, firsthand how nature takes care of itself. We humans just need to get out of its way and respect, enjoy, and be protectors of it rather than destructors…our ecosystem is pretty smart!

RGs, take the time and pleasure in the perfume of the fresh winds blowing in!

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