The Beauty of Winter Trees Intrigues Resort Girl

January 18, 2016

What intrigues this Resort Girl about the winter trees?   All you see is the skeleton of the tree – the spirit of its magnificent beauty. It is the time when their inner beauty gets to shine.

Bare branches twist and turn in such glorious natural art forms.  Some winter trees wind in symmetry with branches and dried bulbs, all equally aligned.


Other limbs twist and turn to intertwine, forming abstract images. These winter tree lines are so fine against the crystal blue skies. And some trees whisper tiny tunes as their branches sway in the winter winds.  Others limbs hold strong while dripped in gleaming layers of ice crystals while other fragile branches are kept warm by moss-wrapped mittens


Though some winter trees stay lush and green, this natural phenomenon offers a setting of color contrast against the bare winter tree- like the tiny brown bulb clusters on the crepe myrtle set against lush evergreen leaves. Adding in a few early azalea blossoms, these scenes are masterpieces of natural art.


And as with the tree, we all go through seasons.  Soon arrives bountiful spring and summer…when our eyes get to enjoy the lush deep green leaves mixed in a multitude of bright blossoms.

But this Resort Girl loves to wander amongst the winter trees.  And delight in their inner beauty against the bold winter sky.




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