Resort Girl Living Large in the Off-Season

December 7, 2015

Want extra perks, extra services, and upgrades galore – and sometimes even the whole place to yourself? Travel in the off season.

Today, I ventured to one of my favorite spots on the island, and I pretty much had the spot to myself. Some may find this a bit lonely… others may find it heavenly. I am one of those who enjoy the peacefulness of winter beach days.

That is the nature of resorts… they run in seasons, just as nature does. The spring and summer are abundant with buds, bees, and beautiful blooming trees AND packed coastal resorts. Everyone is ready to shed their winter gear and chill out in the sunshine.

But in December, the birds remain at the ocean, and those 70 degree temperatures make many days a glorious day in the sunshine. Today was such a day as I walked on the beach.


Don’t get me wrong, I love winter resorts as they offer some really cool adventures (which I will be sharing this winter.) I don’t shy away from them, even though I love the warm weather resorts.

You may have to wear a light sweater over your suit, but it is a delight to be sunlight and walk barefoot on the sand, Resort Girls – just like the tiny birds!


Many of your favorite sunny spots may be closed, but others remain open, and they will take extra care of you… and remember you when the crowds come once again!

To me, there is something cozy about seeing the sunset at the ocean while bundled up around a bonfire, or having a party at your resort clubhouse deck around an outdoor blazing fireplace heating up all the fun. It makes the crowds come closer and the conversations too.

And many times, the chefs will treat you to something extra special, Resort Girls. The off-season gives them time to make it up JUST for you! From past experience, I can tell you this holds true for me!

So, walk with the winter birds this winter Resort Girls and write your name in the sand….


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