A Bird Whispers – Resort Girls Protect Me

July 27, 2015

As this Resort Girl took a break from moving this weekend, she had a spiritual calling. My good Resort Guy friend and mentor sat with me as we overlooked the May River and helped me review, and question, my path and purpose in life. My Resort Guy is president of an international firm and very wise – so one listens.

Reflecting like we RGs do (Reflect, Relax and Recharge) made me admit that I have been a bit off my path with all of these material man-made things going on… to see all the plastic, material objects, the things I thought were fantastic – now I realize there are landfills full of things dumped – it gave this RG a panic… well many sweaty, horrible panic attacks!

I think everyone should have someone pull out every single thing in their drawers, closet, attics, etc. and see how much stuff they really have and really do not need! It is frightening!

After realizing this, I went to a spiritual place on our plantation and asked for guidance… to help me refine my purpose and help me change my path.

And as I closed the front doors on this spiritual, safe place on the shores of the beautiful May River… a small young bird landed nearby. This tiny young bird must have felt safe next to me as it was catching its little breath, finding its wings, finding its balance, finding its path and possible purpose too – just like this Resort Girl.

I wondered as I watched him intimately: “Who is protecting him? Where is his voice? Where is his nest?”

And it hit this Resort Girl… to live in this world nowadays, creatures must rely on us humans for their voice – their survival.

So when this baby bird chirped to this RG, I felt his little heart asked, “Dear caring RGs, keep some safe and beautiful places for me. I want my wings to fly high… I want to breathe in beautiful skies, I want an abundance of clean rivers and lakes to bath in… not to sit on dirty abandoned bird baths, or power lines, and eat pre-mixed bird feed – I want worms!”


Catching his breath he continued, “Feed me, make me safe, help me find my place in this modern techno world. Gather and call to all your Resort Girls and Guys to get humans away from their computers for a while and keep our skies azure blue, make our rivers and lakes crystal clean, keep our forest and lawns an earthy place, not fake. Make more natural home spaces, let me have my have my Resort Bird place to Relax, Reflect and Recharge. Please help make a change in your resort, community or backyard to make me grow, feel welcomed, feel at home.”

RGs, let’s listen to those whispers and make a difference in bird’s life! Start a conservancy program in your community, resort or with just your next door neighbors.


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