Hey Resort Girls, Let’s All Laugh!

July 29, 2015

This Resort Girl has a tendency to laugh and chuckle a lot. Why? I have no idea! It’s just a natural habit. One RG gal at my plantation recently declared, “Oh, I knew you were here as I heard your laugh when I came in.”

But laughing is something this RG does enjoy doing with my family and friends – and just even in my everyday chores. My mother was widowed around the same time of my divorce. Even during this time of mixed and many emotions, we decided to make laughter part of this life change. We both faced being on our own after decades of being married, along with the new lifestyle it brings. We decided to embrace our newfound single situation to discover ourselves again at 55 and 85 (Oh wait, she is 84! I keep getting in trouble for adding that year).

To live a bright and great RG life is to never give up! Keep the positive greater than the negative. Keep the laughs rolling in.

Laughs are contagious…my niece is great at laughing too as we did on Resort Girl road trip to Grande Ritz.


A great thing to catch is a Resort Girl laugh! After doing some research, I discovered laughing has many physical, not just mental, health benefits including better blood flow, increased immune response (by increasing infection fighting antibodies), lower blood sugar levels, and increased relaxation and sleep.

You can get these benefits from sharing a funny story, watching a comedy or sometimes by just laughing at yourself. I do it often, as my love of exploring life constantly gets this RG into unique and sometimes crazy situations.

Let’s remember the famous Jimmy Buffet lyrics:

“It’s these changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
Nothing remains quite the same…
If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”

Let’s all laugh together, Resort Girls…give and catch a laugh today!


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