The Lens of your Life is as Wide as you Make it

August 8, 2017

Some people live with landscape views. Some with intimate views. Some with both. It is all up to you, Resort Girls and Guys…to be true to the real you.

I must wander in a never-ending search for new views and avenues for inspiration, as well as for words and visions, for my poetry and photography. However, my constant need for car keys or plane tickets has left little time to establish deep roots. And it does not help that my father was a pilot and my mother one of the first stewardesses.

But, I have learned the hard way that some type of roots are needed to seed a fruitful life. Blowing in the wind and being a rolling stone as they say, can catch up with you in the long run of life.

Many times you wander in search of who you can be – or sometimes – running away from who you are!

Good Medicine

As I sit here writing this blog, my mind and body really want to be running free among the trees, beaches or mountains — seeing new places, spaces and meeting new faces. But I have quit running a bit.

Why? I have taken the time over the last few years to discover the real me and not live life in someone else’s shadow or image. That is easy to do…trust me! The real challenge is to find the true you, Resort Girls and Guys.

One of the best races, battles, jobs, adventures and prizes in life—is to have peace within yourself. Peace with who we are and how we live “our” lives. Because, when we love ourselves, we can love others so much more freely, naturally and, most of all, unconditionally.

That is why opening our lens is good sometimes—and letting others look in. Travel is an excellent way — even for just the day — to do this exploration. And that why I started this Resort Girl blog. It was on my own vehicle for self-discovery after years of living in other people’s shadows. My time was running out for this opportunity, as I entered mid-life. It was now, or maybe, never.

Youth provides one the time and energy to rebuild. You can get a second, and even third chance. However, over time, mother time takes away some of that energy. It takes consistency and energy to build relationships, friendships, love and opportunities to give.

As mother time catches up to me, I find myself needing time to unwind, to spend more time and sip some wine with relatives and friends. I will always keep my lens wide open, as it is true to my nature. The car keys are always in sight,  ready to aid me in my exploration.  But keeping the car in my garage a bit more is in store for me at the moment; and I am adding a few roots and find myself traversing some of the same routes.

I took time to find my personal peace…and what a prize and blessing it is to have discovered it.

The Prize of Peace…is well worth the trails – and trials.



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