A Resort Girl’s Collection of Holiday Patterns

July 1, 2015

Resort Girls collecting holiday fashion patterns? Sounds like a fun idea to me! I’ve done holiday plate patterns, but I had not thought of shorts, shifts or skirt prints. Well a great “Resort Girl to Know,” Nancy Sineath, mentioned this clever idea to me. Nancy is the Lilly Pulitzer Specialist at Belk in Shelter Cove on Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook

I met Nancy when I first moved to the island. Her bright smile, bubbly personality and effortless style caught my eye while I was shopping at Belk’s one day. Her extensive and exquisite Lilly department is one to visit, or even to call orders in from afar, and Nancy’s expertise will educate you on all the best ways to wear the newest collections.

She pointed out to me the 4th of July “Feelin’ Sparks” pattern and collection. It turns out that there is a huge group of Lilly holiday pattern collectors, and this is the pattern for all of you Resort Girls celebrating your independence!

The Lilly brand brings back personal childhood memories to this Resort Girl. As a teen model, I actually met Lilly herself, and had the chance to wear one of her adorable outfits in a Walt Disney World Resort Fashion show. Lilly left a mark in my mind as a smart, creative and bold businesswoman – one of the first I encountered as a young woman.

I read a book on her life years ago. Growing up myself in Miami Florida, I could relate to many of her likes, attitudes and ways of living in coastal Florida, and this Lilly attitude quote is food for thought for all us Resort Girls:

“BE HAPPY. Wear colors – they affect people’s moods, you know. Lilly lived the life she wanted and we encourage you to do the same. She built a business on a spill and she lived in paradise year-round. When you look back on your life, make sure you count the happy hours.”

What a fun and happy new tradition, to collect holiday fashion patterns instead of plates or silverware. It’s a great alternative holiday tradition to tacky sweater parties. Wear your luxe holiday fashion patterns, vintage to modern, even stacking on a few years patterns to make a standout, unique statement.

Cheers to a Happy Fourth of July, Resort Girls, and to independence!

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