A Resort Girl Dream Text Vacay to Culebra, Puerto Rico

June 29, 2015

What’s a dreamy text vacay, you ask? Well, I am currently experiencing a beautiful getaway to Culebra, Puerto Rico via texts from my sister.

Right now, my sister and her family are vacationing on this remote island off Puerto Rico. I wanted to know more about their destination so I did a little quick RG travel research, and Travel Channel described it thusly:

The charming archipelago 18 miles east of Puerto Rico’s mainland has no major hotel chains or stores — and likes it that way. It prefers to own one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a Calypso vibe and waters teeming with sea turtles and tropical fish.

Our family is one of adventuresome spirits. We like to just pick up and go. My father was a pilot and my mother a stewardess with one of the first major airlines, National. I even hear there were some gypsies in my family history. Wanderlust is in our spirits, calling us to get on the plane, train, automobile, golf cart or scooter to find blue skies.


My sister found some azure blue ones at Culebra. How much fun to live and dream in text streams from fellow Resort Girls. It is one way to make this techno world a bit more colorful. Hearing that little beep now makes me wonder just where they are exploring. My sister sends me many photos with my lovely niece, Frances. Frances is a fashion student and part-time model. You may see her face often in Resort Girl as she is one of our RG models!

This text stream made me dream of sunny Resort Girl days, seeing Frances with her RG gal pal enjoying the beauty of this remote land and with a cold one in hand!


Cheers to a text dream vacay that breaks up our day and takes RG minds to faraway places. Be sure to text your RG gal pals on your next dream vacay!

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