A Resort Girl Paddle Boards into the Sunrise

June 5, 2015

One of my first shots in my beginner photography class was of my resort girlfriend Lee Ann paddle boarding off into the sunrise. It was a powerful scene to see her glide along the river’s water into the orange-tinged skies.


Lee Ann’s peaceful image stays in my mind and inspires this Resort Girl to want to experience this sport. The yogi in me wants to add the yoga touch. Yes, you can actually do Yoga Paddle Boarding. Lee Ann also does yoga on her board as she is a trained yoga instructor.

One local place that teaches this (and also holds classes for the experienced) is Jiva Yoga on Hilton Head Island, SC.

I frequent Jiva for my cranial massages with Susan and have always noticed the cool paddle boards stacked outside the massage room.


The official name is called Stand Up Paddle (S.U.P) Board Yoga and there is a SUP Community.

Doing some RG Research, I found an excellent article called the 10 Reasons you should Try Stand Up Paddle Board.

The article states the reasons to experience S.U.P  are not only to experience a fun to a challenging workout, but also to be empowered and calmed while being one with nature. Sounds SUP-ER to this Resort Girl.

I must try S.U.P – and soon!

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