A Resort Girl Encounters a Haig Haint During a Mystic Boat Ride

August 21, 2015

This Resort Girl recently encountered Maggie, a legendary Haig haint, which many of you know as a ghost. How and where? As part of the timeshare where I’m staying, all Resort Girls and Guys get a ride on a mystic wooden boat to tour the Calibogue Sound at sunset. So, of course, this RG jumped on board one night. Our intimate group of ten set sail to explore the shores with an entertaining crew and cold brews, not knowing a close encounter with a haint was brewing.

The skies were sunny and the waters calm as we journeyed along the shores but then, we felt a a chill in the air and the skies turned dark. Where was this RG? I was floating in front of another famous lighthouse – the Haig Point Lighthouse. You know it by now as the red striped structure that has been in my view all week long. I was excited to see another one, but this one was smaller and nestled against the shoreline. I learned that it was actually built to be a true beacon for ships on sea by the government long, long ago. The lighthouse has a deep and mixed history… and then there was the legendary Maggie.

This RG noticed the darkening skies – and then the captain said, “You know that lighthouse is haunted?” Well that made sense! It was turning out to be a mystic ride and another passenger may have come on board with us… the ghost from this little lighthouse.

Doing some RG research, it appears that Maggie took her life in the lighthouse. She was the daughter of the owners and tales tell of a deep love affair, ending with Maggie possibly taking her life due to love lost.

There are no pictures of the lighthouse, as all pictures ended up darkened, but as we passed the lighthouse to the Haig Point Marina, my camera, along with the skies, became bright again.


Haig Point is a historic place to visit with many stories told and made there. The Calibogue Sound views are miles wide. Can you image this being your own private dock?


Resort Girls and Guys can rent many rides from Harbour Town. Look at this spectacular catamaran… can you image the wind in your RG hair on this boat?


Just be careful of a chance encounter with a Haig haunt on the seas, similar to what happened to me. Luckily, the views themselves are not scary!

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